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The wonderful Canadian flutist and teacher Jennifer Cluff is becoming very well-known for her very extensive website, which contains an enormous number of articles and links to information about flute playing and teaching. (This site is well-indexed and has a very useful search feature that allows you to quickly find information and resources she keeps on her homepage.) See: )

She also posts frequently to a separate blog on new items of interest, she recent thoughts on flute playing, new music and resources she wants to provide to her readers; and she has just put up a copy of some detailed notes that regular Flute Network contributor and reviewer Jerry Pritchard took at the masterclasses of Marcel Moyse in 1977; and we would like to share them with you on Flute Network as well. They are fairly extensive so Jen has divided them into several parts:

Marcel Moyse: Pearls from the Master - Part 1 contains Notes from the Masterclass on:
Tone, on Technique,
Phrasing and Expression,
Individual Works
Music and Life
-- along with extended comments by Jennifer Cluff and Jerry Pritchard on what these brief comments mean to them.
See all that here:

You can also download a complete pdf file copy of these notes from here:

Marcel Moyse: Pearls from the Master - Part 2 includes:

--A continuation of Pritchard's notes:

---A recorded conversation between Pritchard and Cluff discussing what it was like to participate in Moyse' masterclasses in Vermont back in 1977. You can listen to the recording at Cluff website or down load an mp3 file to the recording here:

---Pritchard's Notes on Moyse' comments at the masterclass on his "24 Little Melodic Etudes with Variations -- You can read or download a pdf file of these notes on the "24 Little Melodic Etudes" here:

We hope you enjoy reading and hearing these historic comments on what it was like to participate in Marcel Moyse's very influential masterclasses.

-- Jerrold E. Pritchard, email:


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