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Last revised: July 30, 2017

In addition to the Web links provided in the "Who's Who of Advertisers" , The Flute Network is proud to suggest these additional Internet links for your consideration and consultation. To the best of our knowledge, all links to sites included here are to legitimate companies with helpful web pages. However, it is sad to have to also add this note: due to the recent misadventures of some few rogue internet scoundrals, we must caution that The Flute Network can take no responsibility for what you may find upon arrival, nor the "treatment" you may receive there. Still, we do strive to be concientious in minding our links -- if you do encounter something dis-satisfactory, please let us know. We may or may not be able to do anything about it, but Our Policy on Honesty does indeed apply here as well.

Larry Krantz Home Page

Wonderful Winds - Inspirational Music for Woodwinds

Shakuhachi Flute - in the Netherlands!

The Blocki Flute Method Flute Acoustics... beautifully explained!

Little Tooters - by Gail Williams


FlutesOnLine.Com Just Flutes, of London, England Steve Lindsay - Hand Engraving

National Flute Association

Cavallaro Case Covers

Falls House Press - Music Publishers

Andrew Crawford - Finest Quality Handcrafted Wooden Instrument Cases

Flute World

Moyse Society --- including Instructional Video Tapes of Marcel Moyse

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