What IS The Flute Network?

The Flute Network is a non-profit corporation serving flutists, flute teachers, and the people who love them (P.W.L.F.P.'s). Our purpose is to provide a "bulletin board service" and to generally facilitate communications among those interested in the flute. Begun in 1984 - long before there was anything like the internet or the many "instant connections" available to people these days - we filled that need by coordinating, printing and mailing out our printed publication, the newsletter called "The Flute Network", and it went out free of charge to over 6,300 different flutists and flute teachers nationwide 10 times a year. With the development and growth of the Internet and the expanded electronic connections between people that came along with that, we started The Flute Network website and began to share as much of each printed issue as possible through that medium as well. Please notice our Publishers Policy on Honesty... this is a hallmark of our service and we do hold to that even in this online format. Although our printed publication continues to be on planned hiatus at this time (as explained on the front page of this website), we're delighted to continue our services via this website and plan to do so for as long as possible.


The Flute Network represents a great deal of effort, time and expense which we gladly expend for the purpose of providing an effective and efficient means of communication for flutists across the nation and overseas. We guarantee that all ads meeting our ad policies will be published. There is no "skimming" bargains off the top, or letting anyone preview the ads of the next issue. In return, we would expect you to conduct your transactions fairly, honestly, and in an "above board" and courteous manner.

There are a few people who appear unable to go through life without having a hassle over every deal they encounter. If you are this type of person, we prefer not to handle your ad. The Flute Network strives to represent subscribers with a reputation of being honest and helpful. We will not knowingly publish a classified or commercial ad of which we have information that the individual or firm is not reputable and fair. If you answer an ad within The Flute Network and encounter dishonest treatment, please let us know. If there are several legitimate complaints, we will refuse further advertising and if a subscriber, cancel their subscription.

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