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     This listing of lost and stolen instruments is maintained free of charge as a service to the flute playing community. Items are listed as information is received. Please be aware - postings here reflect only the information provided to us for that purpose; resolving any questions of clear title or ownership rights as regards any specific instrument is well beyond the bounds of any service Flute Network can provide, and that Flute Network accepts no liability in that regard. Contact information is provided with each listing - any and all questions or concerns about an instrument listed here should be addressed to that party. (The Flute Network does make every effort, however, to insure that all listings accurately reflect the information that is received!)

HAVE YOU HAD A THEFT or LOSS?? As is the case with any major theft, it is very worthwhile to file a Police Report of the loss as soon as it occurs. While instruments have indeed been recovered and returned to their original owners, it has nearly always been with the support of this sort - i.e., being able to document ownership and "theft" (such as with a copy of the Police Report). Now, I know from personal experience that it can sometimes be difficult to file such a thing in some places -- however, doing so may make the difference in preserving your rights should your instrument be located years from now.

HAVE YOU SEEN AN INSTRUMENT YOU HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT?? - should you have any information about any of the lost or stolen instruments listed, please feel free to contact either these people directly, or via The Flute Network. If we all keep an eye out for each other, it will help to take the profit out of crime!

HELPFUL HINT: Use the search feature on your internet browser to go through these listings if you're wanting to check out a particular flute by maker or by serial number!


IMPORTANT NOTICE! IMPORTANT NOTICE! IMPORTANT NOTICE! Sad to have to add this one, but recent happenings require it. SHOULD you be contacted by someone saying they "have a lead" or they've maybe "talked with someone who has your instrument" and tells you this person maybe "understands that it was stolen and is willing to return it to you if you forward the shipping costs to them"... (in the most recent example we've heard of, this person happens to be in Africa - but the same scam can be run just about anywhere)... Do NOT ASSUME they are telling you the truth. Should you receive such a contact by anyone - first thing to do is require photos be sent making it easy to identify the real article is indeed in their reach... odds are, you won't hear anything back from them at that point (which tells you something...). The key thing is: keep your head about you, should you receive such a contact, and be extremely cautious in any return contact. Do not hesitate to involve your local Police. We're here to help you too. It really is true, though... we really are all in this together.


NEW: June 1, 2010. We are both honored and incredibly delighted to get to share the saga of one such stolen flute's journey and how it found its way home by virtue of both the dedicated work of its owner, and the professionals this person worked with along the way! You can read all about it here: The Saga of a Flutes Adventure

Special notice - collection of instruments, stolen while in Rome, Italy (May 2019) - while on route to teach at International Flute Workshop:


MURAMATSU Platinum Clad Flute #65423, Offset G, C# trill, Tsubasa headjoint and keys engraved. Foot joint does not have the D# roller (that is very uncommon in these flutes).
Case had a Brazilian flag glued on top part.
MIYAZAWA BR-602 aFlute #98605, Offset G, C# trill, split E, D# roller, heavy wall.
POWELL Signature solid silver #3872, Offset G, C# trill, head joint with gold riser


YAMAHA Piccolo YP 91 #10055, Granadilla wood body with silver keys and French pointed arms.
Head joint: ELDRED SPELL, #262, Case had a Brazilian flag glued on top part.
YAMAHA Piccolo YP 62 #128212, Greanadilla wood body with silver keys.
JUPITER Piccolo, Greanadilla wood body with silver plate keys.

Police report has been filed. Please contact Danilo - +1-517-281-3202 or email to:

Special notice - stolen - an entire flute music library including scores and accompanying parts - during a move from California to Ohio (records show items may have also spent some time in the Decatur, Indiana area). Most of the music said, "Elaine Watler" or "Elaine L. Watler, 3221 Selby Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034," or "Elaine Prado" or "Elaine Prado Levine." Later scores might've said, "Elaine Prado Levine, 252 Highland Way, Carson, CA," or "Elaine Prado Levine, 26208 Avenida Hortensia, Hemet, CA 92544." These were generally written either on the inside cover of the flute part and the piano accompaniment. Please contact Elaine with any info or sightings -

Special notice of unusual stolen instrument: Viola da Gamba... the instrument is about 60 cm long, 23 cm wide and about 6 cm deep - there's a lion's head on the top of the viol. Inside is a label "Toon Moonen, Maastricht". Please email with any info to Toon Moonen at:, or you can FAX to: 00-31-43-351-0625, in the Netherlands.

Special notice - your help needed: Three instruments stolen at same time in Tulsa, OK in May 2008: (1) Selmer TENOR SAX, Reference 36 Model 84, with serial number: N.642283 -- (2) Selmer Mark VI ALTO saxophone, number: M.223081, in black Pro Tek case -- and (3) in the pocket of that Alto Sax case was the third instrument, ARMSTRONG Emeritus 21 C flute - closed hole - solid silver - C foot, in black plastic SKB case. Please contact Vic at, or (918)640-1362.

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING were stolen from a store in Davis California in late June, 2007:

Yamaha YFL461HLPGP (400 series with gold lip plate option) Serial #959542

Yamaha YFL674HLPGP (600 series with gold lip plate option) Serial #021607

Haynes/Amadeus AF700BOF (700 series with Offset G) Serial #1506

Haynes/Amadeus AF800BOF (800 series with Offset G) Serial #2002

Jupiter 517S Alto Flute (Straight Headjoint) Serial #F0081

Please contact with any info: Jeff Simons, at Watermelon Muisc, 207 E Street, Davis, CA 9516. Phone: 530-758-4010. Email:


Another Special Notice -- two headjoints were stolen during the British Flute Society convention at the RNCM, 2008. (1) 14K Lafin headjoint, No. 89.6, 14k gold tube with platinum riser and Adler wings. (2) Louis Lot silver headjoint, #5734 was also taken, this had a McLauchlan/Lafin style lip-plate with gold Adler wings. Should you come across either headjoint Please call either Jonathan at +44 (0) 208 6628400 or Manchester Police on +44 (0) 161 872 5050 quoting crime reference 198368F/08.


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