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Updated: November 16, 2021

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November 1, 2021. ... It's November already! And it's really both very humbling and astounding to realize how time - and life - continues to move on no matter what, and it's all going even really very fast too... no matter what.... SO - OK - let's tune into the tradition of November being a focus on Thanksgiving, and choose to recognize and honor all the things in our lives and world that we can honestly be grateful for! No matter what, there's always **something** to be grateful for, even if it's comparatively very little, very ordinary, run-of-the-mill, whatever... focusing on gratitude can be a very powerful and wonderful recharge for the soul and is a highly recommended activity (whether done privately or with others!)

Case in point - I hope you can feel the warmth and appreciation I'm sending to you while you're reading this right this very moment (and every time you might do so!)!
Yes - the adventure sure is continuing. And no matter what - it really is still very true: we really are all in this together!


**UPDATE **- It's a great honor and pleasure to get to share an article by Karen Weeks about ideas and resources for musicians to put to work, which can greatly aid the "being a musician" in the first place - and potentially also provide actual support too - despite all the challenges we're continuing to contend with in our collective "pandemic" these days (as it is still going on, even still...) -- you can find it here: (Also, by the way, very delighted to recommend Karen's own website - - some wonderful offerings are there too, to support seniors in the challenges we all contend with as well, in our Minds, Bodies, and Spirit!)

**AND A SECOND UPDATE** November 16, 2021: ..... AND WHAT AN HONOR IT IS to get to share a second wonderful article by Karen Weeks, of particular interest to musicians contending with the ongoing challenges of making money these days! Karen has included quite a few links in there too which are actually real gems of information and ideas as well --- here's where you can find this one: 5 More Ways Musicians Can Increase Their Earnings While Waiting To Go Back On Tour -- Thank You Karen!!!

OK - Here's to all that comes next - and again as always, many thanks and all best wishes -- Jan Pritchard


AND IN THE MEAN TIME - please - help us find anybody who might like to snag this one last book which is still available via Little Wizard Enterprises! Here's which one it is:

  • Rudall, Rose & Carte: The Art of the Flute in Britain - by Robert Bigio - 1 copy still currently available - SPECIAL OFFER: each is a deal at $100, plus $18 for shipping/insurance.
    Cover photo of RR&C goes here
    Lots more information about this one is still here - at Little Wizard's Inventory.


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    So yup - the adventure sure continues! (And if anybody cares to share any thoughts or ideas - please absolutely know we'd love to hear from you about them! Email me at!)

    Again - most sincerely - thanks for your interest and support! Here's to all that comes next for us all - and yup, it's totally still true: we're all in this together!
    And absolutely - wishing you, and all of us, all the best! Many thanks - more later -- Jan

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